Bhuva Residence


Mr. Jagdish Bhuva
Private Residence
7000 sq fts

Bhuva Residence Concept

The aim of the project was to create a desirable place to live that balances usable private space with high quality public space.

The Solution

Bhuva Residence – Garden Everywhere, was the basic tagline which governed the initial conceptualization of this tranquil home. The clients dream of a peaceful abode where the entire family could enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of Mother Nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic, crowded city. The design of the house was actually planned on another site, which had to be unfortunately dropped due to disputable conditions. In love with the design, the clients hunted for another site which could do justice to this amazing house. The site in question is a plot of little over half an acre on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, marked by five existing fully grown Neem trees. The built form is planned to generate open spaces of varied scales, moods and functions. The footprint is restricted and large chunk of land is left open for the main garden, viewed from the very entrance to the plot. Rationally oriented towards the North-East direction, the main garden is always blessed with soft sunlight and mild breeze, perfect for get-togethers and parties. The organisation of the built spaces emerges from the juxtaposition of two grids, one for the public spaces like living room, dining space and family sitting, and the other grid allocated for private bedrooms. The services and utility spaces are accommodated towards the South-West façade which heats up due to direct exposure to Sun. Surrounded by a water body and water cascade, the temple island serves as the nucleus of the house. The trapezoidal central court with Tulsi plantation is the heart of the house. The South-West court, retaining the existing Neem trees, serves as the winter court with its organic farming. This arrangement of open spaces enveloping the enclosed spaces guarantees exposure to natural light and cross ventilation throughout the house. The resulting ambiance is clean, fresh and pristine. The fluid spaces seamlessly melt into the open gardens. The transition is instinctive. The architecture is a play of contrasts, built and open, solids and voids, negative and positive. The interlocking pattern, created by the use of natural stone in the exterior of bedrooms and stone Crete in the exterior of all public areas, accentuates the subtle yet significant form of the house.



Bhuva Residence
Bhuva Residence
Bhuva Residence
Bhuva Residence

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